Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Day of 2010........End of a Decade

2010 was a year of shifting change; an active year, one of blessed and quiet solitude, of slow but steady growth, a year of loss and gain. Many things happened in 2010 but I can recall nothing bad. I take this as a sign that my heart and mind are open, happy and full of wonder at the glorious light-filled life with which I have been blessed. I am most grateful for Arthur, (my soul companion throughout the ages, my best friend and husband of 41 Earth-years), for my loving family, my caring friends, my faithful pets, all gifts from God, who I know loves me beyond measure because He gave me all of you.

My heart is full of love for all, and I want to wish you a Joyous, Healthy, Loving 2011!


  1. Love that photo, Max! Such movement ... such beauty. Thanks for posting. On this cold winter day in Dakota, a blue sky is appreciated! Reminds me of summer ... :)

    Appreciated your support during the Noah crisis ... and many thanks for your kind comment in SunnyRoomStudio ... if you want to stop by, I'm a guest blogger this week in Mary Tabor's place @ (Caring for Life) ... I think you'll relate to the post! Take care and I'm hoping 2011 brings you all good fortune!

  2. Thanks for enjoying this post Daisy, and also for commenting. I really do have a lot of readers (mostly friends/relations). They rarely post a comment for me here but I do get lots of positive emails from them! I know how much a personal comment means to a blog author, so I try always to post my thoughts and include well-wishes for those who write the blogs I follow, as I know you do, too.

    I wanted to say again that I greatly identified with your words in "Caring for Life" on Mary Tabor's blog, and I left a comment there for you as well. ( See Daisy Hickman's essay on Mary Tabor's blog this week at )She really nails it!! Best regards and affection to you, John, Noah, Lola and your children...... from Max, Art and Moses at Jolico Farm!

  3. Good Morning Max: This is a very poignant post that really speaks of the beauty within YOU. It also was an open door, which I walked through into Daisy and Mary and realized I would be gone all day if I didn't stop now. I subscribed to Daisy's, but was uncharacteristically overcome with shyness about introducing myself and complimenting her poetic posts. So I will wait. Patsye

  4. Thanks so much for the kind words, Patsye. I'm so glad you found Daisy Hickman and Mary Tabor as well. They are my kind of ladies, like you, too; ones who take the time to enjoy where they are on the way to where they are going. They always take the time to lift the rest of us up along the don't be shy and leave them a note to let them know you're reading. I hope you will become friends! ........Max