Saturday, June 27, 2009

This is the first post of the Jolico Farm Blog. Today is Saturday, June 27, 2009.

Jolico Farm is located in Somerset, PA, high atop the Laurel Ridge off of Exit 110 of the PA Turnpike. Founded in 1971 by Maxine and Arthur Cook, Jolico Farm was named for Joseph and Lillian Cook, Art's parents. The name was used several times in the past, first as the name of the Cook family's beach house on Long Beach Island, NJ back in the 40's and 50's. The name of Jolico was also given to the Cook family's winter home in Miami Beach, Florida in the '60's. As a tribute to Joe and Lil Cook, Art and Maxine named their farm, Jolico Farm when they purchased the property in 1971.

After so many years of living at Jolico Farm, there are many stories to tell and I will get to some of them in the course of my ramblings. But I started this blog this evening on a whim and it is late so I will keep this entry short and end it here.