Saturday, July 11, 2009

News for week ending 7/11/09

We have come to the end of another busy week at Jolico Farm. Much progress was made this past week, though not without a lot of blood, sweat and tears! The floors are finally finished and all the baseboard trim has been installed.

I had called a local cleaning company to get an estimate on washing down the walls, woodwork and ceilings in 3 rooms and 2 hallways, as the grouting process had deposited a lot of dark dust on every surface. Two young men came to measure the areas to be cleaned in order to prepare a cost estimate for the job. They came on Thursday 7/2, and promised to call with the estimate 4 days later on the following Monday. Well, I never heard from them on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, so on Thursday (one week after they came to look over the job) I decided I needed to wash down the walls and woodwork myself or I was never going to be able to live in my house again!

So, I spent the day Thursday washing down the dining room walls, downstairs hallway and the walls going upstairs, as well as polishing the furniture, washing the windows and vacuuming and mopping the floors. It felt good to finally be moving in a forward direction, and the newly cleaned areas were so fresh and shining clean. On Friday I spent the day washing all the china and crystal and replacing the pieces in the china cupboards and unpacking and putting away the rest of the dining room housewares.

Today, Saturday, I cleaned the rest of the house, moving the furniture out from the walls and wiping down each piece with polish to rid everything of the fine dark dust that had settled throughout the house. I am down to the wire here as I have company coming for a visit tomorrow and I wanted to have everything back in place by then. The picture above of the new floors shows how great the job turned out!

Oh, yes.............on Friday the wall washing company finally called to give me their price for the wall-washing job. $1,200 to wash down 3 rooms and 2 hallways! I thanked them very kindly for their trouble and told them that, like the Little Red Hen, I'd done the job myself!

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